A caricature from photo is the perfect gift!

We start with ideas, not templates


swimmer man caricatureA caricature from photo is the perfect gift!

Give the perfect gift for any occasion by having an experienced artist draw you a caricature from photo.

Our artists will create a magical custom artwork that is perfect for any gift-giving occasion including; birthday,  retirement, wedding, engagement, family get-togethers, teams and more!

Working from clear photos along with your instructions,  your chosen artist uses his training and experience to create a 100% custom caricature from photo, a gift that recipients love!

It is the best gift idea for the person with everything, or for whom you are stuck trying to think what to buy.

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Experienced caricature artists

Every caricature artist at Caricature King is professionally trained with years of practical experience.

They use their unique skills to transform an idea into an amazing, totally unique, artwork.

As you can see they are humans, not AI!

caricature artists

We start with ideas!

Like the people being  depicted,  every job is unique. Our caricatures don’t start with existing bodies or templates, we start with imagination and flair!

Using these ideas and based on your supplied photos your selected caricature artist will produce an incredible custom artwork you will be proud to present as a gift.

Personalized service

You will deal with job co-ordinator Matt, who will be your sole point of contact. He ensures everything runs smoothly.

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Meet Caricature Artist John – realism and fun

caricature artist harry

Want a gift that is unique that takes realism and adds a healthy dose of fun?

Artist John’s fun semi-realistic painted art style  is kind on the subject.  His caricatures feature pastel colors and a ral connection in the final art. As you can see from his example caricatures, his art features big heads and little bodies without losing all proportions.

Flexible in his approach, John draws his art from your photos with a sketchdraft stage for approval.

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Caricature Artist Darius cleverly capture the person’s essences

caricature artist darius

A traditionalist with a modern twist, caricature artist Darius paints caricatures based on your photo using advanced digital art skills in photoshop creating art that has lightly bigger heads.

The exaggerations are subtle, applying to big head or body or both. The completed images are meaningful and express his observational skills that cleverly capture the essences of the people, to create a truly memorable artwork for a gift for birthday, retirement, wedding  or to mark a special achievement.

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Artist Eddie – theme park style caricature from photo

eddie draws caricature from photo

Eddie’s strongly theme park style is a feature of his caricature from photo art.

A caricature artist with many years of live drawing experience and creating caricature from photos,  Eddie brings you the chance to get a holiday style caricature from the comfort of your home or office.

The art is fun and clean in its simplicity and is reminiscent of those fun big head caricatures. Perfect for a fun gift.

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Zalo draws fun & quirky caricatures

Caricature artist Zalo

Drawing in his unique style, caricature artist Zalo’s bold style captures the essence of the subject’s personality.

A famous artist in his native land, he says when he draws a person, he sees a doll in that person, a doll which shouldn’t frighten children.

Drawing in pencil and crayon Zalo draws caricatures with a unique interpretation of the ‘victim’s’ features shown in the photo transforming any face into a memorable piece of art.ask a question buttonClick to enlarge

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Hello to artist George

Artist George

George is our original artist and offers a  distinctive style.

Famous in Europe, George is respected by his caricaturist peers for his skills and talents in creating an original caricature from photo and has received many awards in relation to his caricature artwork.

Artist George is highly skilled and  hand outlines your picture based on the photo before final digital airbrushing.

His specialty is head and shoulders caricatures.ask a question buttonClick to enlarge

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