Personalized retirement gift – custom caricature art drawn from photos

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Looking for a unique, affordable, unforgettable retirement gift idea for a retiring colleague ? Get a personalized retirement gift – custom caricature art drawn from photos

A caricature of a man retiring to play golf - gift from workmates
retiring to play golf

Our retirement gift caricatures are hugely popular because they capture the key elements of the retiree including key details.

Our skilled and very experienced human artists create the perfect retirement gift with minimum of fuss working with your photos and descriptions to draw a personalized retirement artwork that the retiree will love!

retirement-couple caricature
retirement couple

How To Get A Personalized, Unique Retirement Gift Idea.

Try to include these elements in your description when ordering a great personalized retirement gift:

  1. An acknowledgement to the business company – could be a logo discretely placed somewhere.
  2.  Perhaps include colleagues. Images or names on a board.
  3. Pay homage to the retirees significant achievement/s or personality traits
  4.  Include a reference or two to future plans/hobbies – items or clothing.
  5.  Good quality photos – ideally with a good facial expression for the caricature artist to make the most of!

We work with you on ideas development for the retirement caricature 🙂
While you can order now using the form below, we will also respond to any questions to help refine and help you come up with a concept that when complete, will make you a gift ideas hero!

Personalized Retirement Gift Samples


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Ordering  is easy…keep scrolling!

Simply select the option you wish from the drop down menu  on the order page.   Your selected caricature artist will create an AMAZING caricature gift based on your photo/s and instructions.

  • Full body inclusions/props  are holding a book, fish or other small item etc.
  • With a simple scene is just that, lots of fun. The retirement caricature will have more scope, like in the samples above.

Simple 2 step online caricature order process

After clicking the link below:

  1.  Select from the drop-down list – head and shoulders etc and complete the order process
  2.  Use the form to provide the required  information and to upload the images.

We will acknowledge receipt  of your order, and perhaps ask for clarifications/better images.

On receipt of your caricature order, your art will be started as soon as possible, and a sketch/proof is normally sent with a couple of days.

Final art takes 5-11 days, depending on the number of people and the complexity of the job.

Delivery is by EMAIL. No physical product is shipped. We can arrange poster print, canvas or professionally framed prints.  Please ask.

You will see discounts are applied for the more subjects in your caricature. Ask about bigger groups. If your pet/s are the main subject, they are the ‘person’.

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