Meet the artists

Our team of caricature artists each has their own distinct style and approach to their art. They have all received extensive training and have accumulated years of experience in their specific approach to drawing caricatures.

A range of styles

We take great pride in the diversity of styles and techniques that our artists bring to you. From realistic digital art to cartoony almost fairground art,  each member of our team has honed their artistic skills and developed their own unique style.

See their artwork

We believe that you’ll find their portfolios to be an impressive showcase of the talent and creativity that our team has to offer.

Simply click on their photo to read their bios and view samples of their work

caricature artist harry
Artist John
eddie draws caricature from photo
Artist Eddie
caricature artist darius
Artist Darius
Caricature artist Zalo
Artist Zalo
Artist George
Artist George