How to find the Perfect 21st Birthday Gift

Finding the Perfect 21st Birthday Gift: A Unique and Memorable Choice

Struggling to find a standout present for that special someone’s 21st birthday?

Ditch the ordinary and explore the world of personalized caricature art!

A Caricature is More Than Just a Gift, It’s an Experience!

Unlike generic presents, caricatures drawn from photos and descriptions offer a blend of creativity and  personalization, making them a unique and memorable choice for the best 21st birthday gift.

A caricature demonstrates thoughtful consideration by the gift giver and adds a touch of humor to the celebration, ensuring the recipient feels truly appreciated.

Why Choose Caricature Art?

caricature of 21st birthday girl

  • Uniqueness: Forget run-of-the-mill gifts! Caricatures offer a fun and unexpected twist, guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.
  • Customization:  your chosen artist captures the personality of the individual, reflecting their interests, hobbies, and personality traits in a personalized work of art.
  • Versatility: The possibilities are endless! The digital image can be used for framed prints, even t-shirts and mugs. Integrate the caricature into a larger gift package for an extra special touch.
  • Deeper connection: Your willingness to step outside the ordinary in gift selection and fulfillment.

A Gift That Keeps on Giving

This thoughtful and unique present will be cherished for years to come, serving as a constant reminder of this special occasion.

It’s a gift that goes beyond the material, creating a lasting impression and a smile every time it’s seen.

Ready to Order the Perfect Caricature?

Explore the artists and their styles  and let us create a personalized masterpiece that reflects the birthday celebrant’s unique personality!

Click to browse artist’s samples

Ordering  is easy…keep scrolling!

soccer player 21st birthday gift

Simply select the option you wish from the drop down menu  on the order page.   Your selected caricature artist will create an AMAZING caricature gift based on your photo/s and instructions.

  • Full body inclusions/props  are holding a book, fish or other small item etc.
  • With a simple scene is just that, lots of fun. The retirement caricature will have more scope, like in the sample here ->.

Simple 2 step online caricature order process

After clicking the link below:

  1.  Select from the drop-down list – head and shoulders etc and complete the order process
  2.  Use the form to provide the required  information and to upload the images.

We will acknowledge receipt  of your order, and perhaps ask for clarifications/better images.

On receipt of your caricature order, your art will be started as soon as possible, and a sketch/proof is normally sent with a couple of days.

Total turnaround time is about 5-11 days, depending on the number of people and the complexity of the job.

Delivery is by EMAIL. No physical product is shipped. We can arrange poster print, canvas or professionally framed prints.  Please ask.

You will see discounts are applied for the more subjects in your caricature. Ask about bigger groups. If your pet/s are the main subject, they are the ‘person’.

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Welcome to Caricature King’s Caricature from Photo Service

Personalized Caricatures Online

Looking for the perfect personalized gift?  You’re at the right place!

At Caricature King’s Caricature from Photo Service,  our human artists specialize in creating unique, custom caricatures online.

 Why Choose Us?

caricature of man retiring from navy

Custom Caricatures: Our talented artists create unique caricatures based on your photos and descriptions.

Whether it’s a solo portrait or a group picture, we’ve got you covered.

Caricature Birthdays, Anniversaries, Retirements Gifts: Looking for a gift that is unique as the person receiving it?

Our caricatures make the perfect present for those looking for the WOW factor.

We use ideas as well as photos to produce art that is totally unique.

Caricature Mementos: Create a lasting symbol of team, work-group, class etc with a fun artwork identifying each team member and their fun personal traits!

Fast and Easy: Simply upload your photo, choose your options, and let our artists do the rest. You’ll have your caricature in no time!

retirement caricature after long company service
Full body with background

 Get a Caricature Today!

Ready to get started?

Meet the artists – Browse their samples

Simply upload your photo and let our caricature artists work their magic. Get your caricature today.


How I became a retirement gift giving hero

smiling man caricatureI’ve been tasked with the significant responsibility of selecting the perfect retirement gift for a departing colleague.

As the weight of this task settles in, I find myself in a whirlwind of confusion, thinking, ‘What could be the ideal gift for a person retiring?’

My colleagues, while well-meaning, aren’t much help, offering encouraging words like “I’m sure you’ll think of something great” before they hurry off, leaving me alone with this daunting task.

As I stand in the middle of the office, it feels like everything is spinning around me! Where do I even begin!!

Does this scenario sound familiar?

The first step in my quest for the perfect retirement gift is to consider the retiree’s interests and hobbies. Are they an avid golfer? A personalized golf club could be the perfect retirement gift. Or perhaps they’ve always dreamed of a particular vacation for their retirement? A travel voucher could be just the ticket.

Next, I ponder over a gift that could serve as a memento of their time at the company. An engraved watch with the company logo subtly displayed, perhaps?

A framed group photo of the team, taken at the last company retreat?

Or maybe a custom-made plaque with a heartfelt message from the team, expressing our gratitude for their years of dedicated service?

Then, a lightbulb moment!

Why not combine the personal and the professional in a fun and creative way? A retirement caricature gift!

retirement gift for lady (43K)And that is exactly what I did 🙂

I discovered that a  retirement caricature gift is a fun picture that either formally or humorously depicts the retiree.

This is based on  the person’s work career, their future plans, or even better, a combination of both!

With the help of the online caricature service Caricature King, I had the caricature drawn from supplied photos and other information that I supplied.

Generally the caricature is first be hand-sketched by the artist using the supplied photo as a reference. After I approved the draft, the artist used digital coloring tools to add the colors and textures.

For me, the beauty of a caricature is that it captures the retiree’s personality, their role at the company, and their future plans, all in one vibrant and memorable image.

It’s a retirement gift that’s personal, professional, and above all, fun!

On the day of the presentation, I knew people will remember the amazing response from the retiree and the fact that I am so clever in choosing such a great retirement gift!

Yes, I am now a gift giving hero!

So clever, in fact, now I get to arrange all the retiring gifts and people leaving the company for other reasons after long service.

I’ve used Caricature King more than a few times because they have a team of artists and I can choose the one I feel the person retiring will like best as a retirement gift to display on their wall.

I find the process smooth and easy  and I even get help with ideas from the coordinator, Matt

And just like that, I’ve gone from panic to hero, all thanks to the perfect retirement caricature gift! 😊

Meet the artists

Some of the other retirement gift caricatures done by the team:


    Unique caricature sign-in boards for your wedding reception

    A caricature wedding sign-in board offers a multitude of benefits.

    Let me say, it serves as an excellent focal point, attracting guests with its unique imagery.

    Plus, it will provide a great artwork to hang in pride of place in your home! A sign in book will get lost in a drawer…

    weddingsign3 (19K)

    If you’re in search of distinctive ideas for your wedding reception sign-in board, a caricature might be the ideal solution.

    From feedback from our clients I know that  a caricature sign-in board stimulates creativity among your guests. A dull book means people struggle what to write and base it on the last person’s entry.

    However, a creative image activates people’s minds, leading to genuine and witty remarks.

    If you’re looking for fun option to unimaginative traditional wedding guest books, I can definitely say a caricature sign-in board is the spark you need!

    While many wedding sign-in boards lean towards formality, you might prefer a more relaxed atmosphere at your reception.

    An unconventional image (i mean not a boring photo) can set a fun tone for the rest of the evening.

    But as an enjoyable sign-in idea for your wedding reception, a board or framed caricature is the perfect fit.

    As part of our service we also provide a framed print with extra-wide matting for guest signatures. Simply fill in the form to contact us and we can work out the art/print/frame/delivery package.

    With our diverse range of artists, we can cater to a variety of styles, from nearly formal to utterly outrageous.

    If you’re on the hunt for audacious sign-in board options for your wedding reception, look no further. Our artists can deliver a range of styles to suit your needs, from the conventional to the extreme.

    wedding sign in

    wedding sign in board

    couple caricature memory board


      The Perfect Navy Retirement Gift Idea

      Custom Art Retirement Gift – A Tribute to  Colleagues

      Retirement from the navy  is a significant milestone, especially for those who have dedicated many years to naval service.

      It’s a time of reflection, appreciation, and celebration.

      What better way to honor this momentous occasion than with a custom caricature?

      Naval officer retirement caricature present

      Retirement gift for sailor

      A Unique Expression of Recognition

      A custom caricature is not just a retirement gift; it’s a unique retirement gift for former sailors and civilian support staff.

      It’s a personalized appreciation from colleagues, capturing the spirit of the individual in a way that no other gift can.

      It’s a meaningful retirement gift for navy civilians,  naval rankings and officers, a way to commemorate their service and dedication.

      To make them special we suggest including some or all of these : name, rank, branch, years of service, achievements, location.

      More Than Just a Navy Gift

      These caricatures are more than just military retirement gifts; they’re a celebration of service, a nod to the loyal service they have shown throughout their careers.

      They’re patriotic retirement gifts that honor the commitment and sacrifice made by these essential men and women.

      Navy captain retirement gift caricature


      Navy leaving-gift unusual


      Retirement gift customized to Perfection

      Every caricature is tailored to the individual. We start with ideas, not templates.

      Whether it’s a personalized retirement gift for staff,  Navy sailors or a custom retirement gift for proud Navy vets, each piece is crafted with care and attention to detail.

      It’s a distinguished retirement gift for Navy personnel that they can proudly display, a constant reminder of their impactful career.

      A Lasting Impression – The Ability of Art

      These caricatures are not just memorable retirement gifts for those who served in the Navy; they’re keepsakes.

      They’re sentimental retirement gifts for Navy retirees that will be cherished for years to come.

      They are a special way to say thank you, a way to show appreciation, and a way to honor the service of these incredible individuals.

      So, if you’re looking for the perfect way to celebrate a Navy veteran’s retirement, consider a custom caricature. It is more than just a gift; it is a tribute to their service, a symbol of appreciation, and a keepsake they will treasure forever.

      ask a question button


      click to order

      Navy retirement gift idea



      2024 Election: 10 reasons To Order A Custom Trump Caricature

      The 2024 U.S. election is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated political  events in recent history. As the nation gears up for a new chapter, there’s an intriguing and unique opportunity to commemorate this momentous occasion with a caricature – specifically, a caricature of the ever-controversial and iconic figure, Donald Trump.

      trump caricature
      caricature of Donald Trump

      1. Political Legacy: With Donald Trump having left an indelible mark on American politics, a  Trump caricature can capture the essence of his political legacy. From his unorthodox communication style to his distinctive appearance, a well-crafted caricature can emphasize the traits that defined his time in office.

      2: Record and Satire: A caricature serves not only as a form of artistic expression but also as a tool for creative satire as a record of events. In the 2024 election, where the political landscape is sure to be filled with historic  moments, a Trump caricature will provide a way of exaggerating these snapshots of history in a powerful way,. no matter what you think of Trump.

      3. Public Persona: Trump’s public persona is marked by a unique set of characteristics – the signature hairstyle, the prominent use of hand gestures, and the distinctive facial expressions.  Trump is a caricature artists dream. A caricature artist can skillfully exaggerate these features, creating a memorable  representation that resonates with you and your political allies.

      4. Show of Support – or Not: Caricatures have a unique ability to demonstrate your political views. Placing a Trump caricature in your home or office will demonstrate this in a way that is subtle and non threatening, but also very powerful. Your caricature could form a small part in the 2024 election, and the outcome of Trump’s electoral run.

      5. Historical Significance: The 2024 election holds historical significance as the nation navigates its future. A caricature of Trump can act as a time capsule, encapsulating the political climate of this year and serve as a real reminder of the events unfolding during this crucial period.

      6. Political Discourse and Commentary: A caricature can serve as a subtle commentary on the political conversation surrounding the 2024 election. Trump’s impact on political debate, and public opinion is profound, and a well-executed caricature can provide a valuable tool to reflect your view in a strong way.

      7. Pop Culture Resonance: In an era dominated by social media and the instant spread of information, a Trump caricature has the potential to become a pop culture icon. Shared across platforms, it can quickly become a symbol of the 2024 election, contributing to the broader cultural conversation in a way that traditional forms of political commentary may not. Will that be your commissioned caricature?

      8. Unity in Diversity: Caricatures have a unique ability to unite people through humor. Regardless of political affiliations, a Trump caricature can be appreciated for its artistic value and comedic portrayal, fostering a sense of unity in diversity as people come together to share a collective laugh.

      9. A moment in history: As the nation continues to evolve, individuals may need to recognize history in the making, including the Trump era and this latest chapter. A caricature serves as a reminder of the historic nature of the democratic process and the ability to find humor even in challenging political climates. Immortalize, in a positive, or negative way, this latest chapter in America’s political history

      10. Legacy in Art: Just as political cartoons have historically played a role in shaping public opinion, a Trump caricature contributes to a growing legacy in art. It becomes a representation of a unique period in American history, adding a layer of artistic and cultural significance to the 2024 election narrative.

      Ordering a Custom Caricature:

      When you decide to commission a custom caricature, you’re not just investing in a piece of art; you’re securing a tangible connection to a pivotal moment in history. Our team at [Your Caricature Service] understands the importance of capturing the nuances of political figures like Donald Trump. By ordering a custom caricature, you ensure that your artwork reflects your individual perspective, making it a truly one-of-a-kind creation.

      Browse our artists  to see their actual work and who will best fulfill your vision of a Trump caricature that encapsulates the spirit of the 2024 election. Our talented artists are ready to transform your ideas into a visually striking and thought-provoking piece that will stand the test of time.

      The 2024 U.S. election is a momentous occasion that warrants a creative celebration. A Trump caricature not only captures the political legacy but also provides a platform for humor, reflection, and unity as we navigate the complexities of our political landscape. Order your custom caricature today and be a part of this artistic journey through history.

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      Find A Caricature Artist Online – Caricature King

      If you are looking for a caricature artist online, we have a team of experienced artists ready to create amazing custom art for you.

      Our team of talented artists are available to draw and paint awesome caricature art through our simple online ordering process.

      Caricature artists use your photos as reference

      All you need are some clear reference photos and a description of what you’d like in the image and we can take it from there. But if you are stuck for ideas we can provide suggestions to allow the caricature idea to form and the result will be a gift that is welcomed and treasure!


      caricature artists
      Caricature artists

      As you can see our caricature artists online are a diverse group, just like their art.
      Meet the artists, see their samples.

      No matter if you like a cartoon style image or a more realistic picture with an element of fun, our artists online will deliver something to make everyone who sees it happy.

      Order today or if you have questions

      ask a question button

      We start with ideas!

      Like the individual  people being  depicted,  every caricature job is unique and custom. We don’t start with existing bodies or templates, we start with imagination and flair!

      Using these ideas and based on your supplied photos, your selected caricature artist will produce an incredible custom artwork you will be proud to present as a gift.

      Best Birthday Gifts – Caricature from photo

      service badge


      Are you on the hunt for the ultimate birthday gift that goes beyond the ordinary and creates a lasting impression? Look no further!

      Best Birthday Gifts – Caricature from photo

      As a leading personalized birthday caricature provider, Caricature King delivers fully personalized, unique artworks that sets us apart.

      Our personalized caricatures stand out as birthday gifts with a difference because we go to the trouble of getting the details right.

      By using your supplied photos and requests our artists deliver the best birthday gift

      Caricatures are ideal for birthday gifts, any age

      Celebrate birthdays no matter what the age with our wide range of hand drawn personalized caricature gifts that cater to various age groups and life stages.

      Whether it’s a milestone birthday, a sweet 16, or a fabulous 40,  or stunning 60, our pictures bring joy and excitement.

      Imagine the delight of the birthday person unwrapping their caricature gift that captures their personality and interests perfectly.

      Teens and young adults appreciate the cool factor of a customized artwork reflecting their passions. When they share the image is likely to go viral!

      For those entering the golden years, our personalized caricatures offer a  journey through memories, celebrating their lifetime of experiences and achievements.

      Set the scene

      Choose between a full body with a prop or go all out and include a scene that allows an even better opportunity to display the range of traits and interests of the birthday celebrant.  Imaging an artwork showing the things they hold most dear.

      Personal one-on-one service

      Our experienced artists understand the importance of creating a truly memorable gift, ensuring each personalized caricature is a work of art resonating with the recipient.

      Unlike many birthday gift retailers, we offer an unmatched level of customer service and attention to detail providing a unique and unparalleled gifting experience.

      If you’re determined to give the best birthday gift ever, entrust us with the task.

      Let our personalized caricatures be the the highlight of their special day. Celebrate birthdays in style with our amazing caricatures drawn from your photos.

      See these samples – click to enlarge.

      We start with ideas, not templates

      We can create the perfect birthday gift artwork for you that includes aspects of the birthday person, no matter what age! It’s the little things that are important in any personalized gift.

      Don’t order a head stuck on a template – get everything right by including those special details.

      Ordering  is easy…keep scrolling!

      Simply select the option you wish from the drop down menu  on the order page.   Your selected caricature artist will create an AMAZING caricature gift based on your photo/s and instructions.

      • Full body inclusions/props  are holding a book, fish or other small item etc.
      • With a simple scene is just that, lots of fun. The retirement caricature will have more scope, like in the samples above.

      Simple 2 step online caricature order process

      After clicking the link below:

      1.  Select from the drop-down list – head and shoulders etc and complete the order process
      2.  Use the form to provide the required  information and to upload the images.

      We will acknowledge receipt  of your order, and perhaps ask for clarifications/better images.

      On receipt of your caricature order, your art will be started as soon as possible, and a sketch/proof is normally sent with a couple of days.

      Final art takes 5-11 days, depending on the number of people and the complexity of the job.

      Delivery is by EMAIL. No physical product is shipped. We can arrange poster print, canvas or professionally framed prints.  Please ask.

      You will see discounts are applied for the more subjects in your caricature. Ask about bigger groups. If your pet/s are the main subject, they are the ‘person’.

      click to order

      After something special?

      See who’s artist style you like from above and contact us to get a quote for a special job.

      Include preferred artist name and details of what you’d like.

        Personalized retirement gift – custom caricature art drawn from photos

        service badge

        Looking for a unique, affordable, unforgettable retirement gift idea for a retiring colleague ? Get a personalized retirement gift – custom caricature art drawn from photos

        A caricature of a man retiring to play golf - gift from workmates
        retiring to play golf

        Our retirement gift caricatures are hugely popular because they capture the key elements of the retiree including key details.

        Our skilled and very experienced human artists create the perfect retirement gift with minimum of fuss working with your photos and descriptions to draw a personalized retirement artwork that the retiree will love!

        air force retirement gift

        How To Get A Personalized, Unique Retirement Gift Idea.

        Try to include these elements in your description when ordering a great personalized retirement gift:

        1. An acknowledgement to the business company – could be a logo discretely placed somewhere.
        2.  Perhaps include colleagues. Images or names on a board.
        3. Pay homage to the retirees significant achievement/s or personality traits
        4.  Include a reference or two to future plans/hobbies – items or clothing.
        5.  Good quality photos – ideally with a good facial expression for the caricature artist to make the most of!

        We work with you on ideas development for the retirement caricature 🙂
        While you can order now using the form below, we will also respond to any questions to help refine and help you come up with a concept that when complete, will make you a gift ideas hero!

        Personalized Retirement Gift Samples


        ask a question buttonOrder now

        Step 1.

        Opens new window.

        PayPal Acceptance Mark

        Step 2.

        Submit instructions and images using THIS FORM below \/

        Important information about what you sendplease read

        Photos: Must be clear with good lighting. Thumbnail images off websites etc are generally no good. The caricature artist needs to be able to draw as if you are sitting close, not 50 feet away! We work from the first suitable set of photos you provide, so make the effort to source the best you can. If the first sent are really bad we will ask for replacements.

        Facial expressions: Candid photos make the best caricatures. Don’t discount them just because the person is pulling a face – that is great!

        Descriptions: Please be detailed in what you want. This includes hair color and eye color – what the artist sees in the photo might not be how it is. If specific clothing is desired, describe it or if a specific item, Google an image and send that as well.

        Background: Tell us specifically, this helps a lot. If there are specific inclusions, please Google it and attach that to your email as well. We like to get it right and styles of houses and models of cars do vary. Sure we could look it up but we might get the wrong one.

        Send pictures and instruction by this Form

          Images - 5 mb each max