Unique caricature sign-in boards for your wedding reception

A caricature wedding sign-in board offers a multitude of benefits.

Let me say, it serves as an excellent focal point, attracting guests with its unique imagery.

Plus, it will provide a great artwork to hang in pride of place in your home! A sign in book will get lost in a drawer…

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If you’re in search of distinctive ideas for your wedding reception sign-in board, a caricature might be the ideal solution.

From feedback from our clients I know that  a caricature sign-in board stimulates creativity among your guests. A dull book means people struggle what to write and base it on the last person’s entry.

However, a creative image activates people’s minds, leading to genuine and witty remarks.

If you’re looking for fun option to unimaginative traditional wedding guest books, I can definitely say a caricature sign-in board is the spark you need!

While many wedding sign-in boards lean towards formality, you might prefer a more relaxed atmosphere at your reception.

An unconventional image (i mean not a boring photo) can set a fun tone for the rest of the evening.

But as an enjoyable sign-in idea for your wedding reception, a board or framed caricature is the perfect fit.

As part of our service we also provide a framed print with extra-wide matting for guest signatures. Simply fill in the form to contact us and we can work out the art/print/frame/delivery package.

With our diverse range of artists, we can cater to a variety of styles, from nearly formal to utterly outrageous.

If you’re on the hunt for audacious sign-in board options for your wedding reception, look no further. Our artists can deliver a range of styles to suit your needs, from the conventional to the extreme.

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